A Journey Through Passion: The Bernina Express

The Expressway to Romance

Feel the passionate embrace of the Bernina Express as it takes you on a romantic voyage from Tirano, Italy to the breathtaking vistas of St. Moritz, Switzerland. It’s not just a train; it’s a luxurious red ribbon winding through snow-capped peaks and lush green valleys. This extraordinary journey, marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, redefines the essence of enchanting travel.

Engineering Brilliance

Experience the miracle of mechanical and civil engineering as you traverse spectacular bridges, tunnels, and spirals. Marvel at the Brusio spiral viaduct—a stunning emblem of the Bernina line that allows the train to navigate vast height differences with elegant artistry. Each twist and turn presents a marvel, a majestic dance of technology with nature’s grandeur as its stage.

Painting Pictures Through Windows

The windows of the Bernina Express frame diverse and stunning landscapes—from the mesmerizing views of Lake Poschiavo to the regal presence of the majestic Ortenstein Castle. In winter’s embrace, the journey becomes ethereal, with snow-blanketed scenes so exquisite, that they seem plucked from the canvas of a masterful painter.

Journey Tips & Treasures

Seasonal Magic: The Bernina Express promises magical views all year round. Summer brings the lush vibrancy of green, while winter transforms the path into a snowy wonderland.


Direction Matters: Opt for the southbound journey in winter to escape the early evening darkness and savour every scenic moment.


Class Choices: First and second classes offer different seating layouts, but rest assured, there is no compromise on the spectacular views. Choose according to your preference for space and company.


Seat Selection: Looking for incredible views? Go right if you’re heading south and left if north is your route. Just a heads-up, the booking system can’t pre-determine which way the seats will be facing ahead of time.

Food and Comfort

Dining: Though there’s no dedicated catering car, a delightful trolley service brings refreshments, snacks, and souvenirs directly to your seat. Feel free to bring your lovely picnic to savour amidst the divine landscapes.


Seating and Luggage: Find comfort in spacious seats and convenience in easy luggage solutions. And for those eager to capture perfect photographs, some windows offer that flawless, reflection-free shot.

Embark on a European Journey

Integrate the Bernina Express into your European travel seamlessly. With strategic routes from London, Paris, or Zurich, it’s a divine gateway into Italy’s enchanting landscapes and historic cities.


Closing the Distance: Detailed itineraries, smooth transitions, and helpful travel tips ensure your journey from major European cities to the heart of Italy is delightful and effortless.


The Ultimate Experience: Customise your journey, whether you fancy a luxurious stay in Zurich, an adventurous pause in St. Moritz, or a picturesque stop at Poschiavo. The Bernina Express is more than a train ride; it’s the key to unlocking an unforgettable European travel experience.

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