Tandem Jumping in Siracusa

Tandem jumping with a two-seater parachute is the fastest way to try skydiving and free falling. You will launch in flight from 4200mt of height firmly joined to an instructor, you will travel at the speed of 200 km/h for an endless minute of pure adrenaline.


From the moment the parachute opens, you will fly it with the help of the pilot for another 4 minutes until you gently touch the ground. All you need is a pinch of courage to really fly and experience an unforgettable experience.


Tandem launch is an exciting opportunity to experience the thrill of parachuting firsthand, and is an ideal gift for everyone! A fantastic idea for graduations, stag parties, birthdays and parties.



Strada Laganelli o Cda Rinaura (Siracusa)


+39 333 8599151


Meet & Greet

As soon as you arrive in the launch area you will meet the team that will jump with you, consisting of a instructor and a video operator.


You will be provided with all the equipment, suit, goggles and more. Then the instructor will briefly explain to you what your behavior should be, to allow you to enjoy the experience in the best of way.

On the Plane

When your turn comes, you will board your flight with your instructor. A modern and fast plane will bring you to the launch altitude in a short time, also allowing you a panoramic flight over the area.

Free Fall

Here we are, now the time has come to fly with your body at 200km per hour. You will experience a mix of sensations, fear fun and adrenaline.

Parachute Opening

Once the parachute is opened you will have the opportunity for 3-4 minutes to enjoy the beautiful view and be able to conduct it safely under the vision of your instructor.


With a soft landing you are down to earth again. You will not be able to try again, but in the meantime you can watch and watch your video, waiting for your next launch.

How much does it cost?

€169 TANDEM JUMP (Jump)

€220 TANDEM MEDIUM (Jump + Photo or Video )

€230 TANDEM PREMIUM (Jump + Photo + Video)

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