The Pertosa Caves: a journey into the Earth

If you are on holiday with the children in the Cilento National Park, you must not miss to visit the caves of Pertosa-Auletta, an exciting experience discovering works of art that only nature can forge year after year.


The starting point of the visit is the most exciting. In fact, the first part of the caves is flooded with water, a part that you will have to travel by a boat rigorously towed by hand to ensure the environmental sustainability of the visit. A truly unusual, original and unique journey for your children to experience as a real adventure.


These wonderful caves have been working in progress for 35 million years, and today you can immerse yourself in their magical atmospheres thanks to the new lighting-scenographic system, equipped with 3km of optical fibres and latest generation LED lights, and the assistance of experts guides that will take you and your children to discover an exceptional place from all points of view, naturalistic, speleological and even archaeological.


Once you reach the landing, the journey into the depths of the caves begins, where lights, colours, materials offer themselves in all their splendour, and where you will find a truly fascinating silence only broken by the roar of a large natural waterfall.


Tunnels, stalactites, stalagmites parry before your eyes in a truly exceptional mix of forms. Let your children observe everything with the curiosity that distinguishes them, let them ask all the questions they want to drive, and let their imagination find a way to venture in search of the most familiar forms.


Must prebook your visit on Grotte Pertosa