Discover the Romance of Italy and Switzerland with the Gotthard Panorama Express

Immerse yourself in a captivating 3-day adventure from the heart of Switzerland to the picturesque landscapes of Italy, aboard the legendary Gotthard Panorama Express. This extraordinary journey is not just a travel experience but a passage through history, culture, and breathtaking nature.

Day 1: Gateway to Switzerland - Lucerne

Begin your journey from any location in Switzerland, heading towards the enchanting city of Lucerne. Stay overnight in this historic city, known as the gateway to Central Switzerland. Discover the charm of Lucerne with its proximity to majestic mountains like Rigi, Pilatus, and Stanserhorn, and marvel at the iconic Kappel Bridge and the Lion Monument.

Day 2: Scenic Splendour - Lucerne to Lugano

Embark on a 5-hour voyage from Lucerne to Lugano, which includes a serene boat trip across Lake Lucerne to Flüelen, followed by a journey on the Gotthard Panorama Express train to Lugano. This leg of your adventure is filled with historical wonders like Tell’s Chapel and the Baroque Church of Wassen. The day culminates with an overnight stay in Lugano, offering a taste of Mediterranean tranquillity.

Day 3: Italian Serenade - Lugano to Italy

Conclude your journey by travelling from Lugano to your final destination in Italy, or choose to extend your stay by the serene Lake Lugano. Lugano, a city of art and culture, boasts attractions such as the LAC Art and Culture Centre, the picturesque Parco Civico Ciani, and the historic old town.

Price and Inclusions

This all-inclusive journey starts at £860 per person. It covers all rail travel, first-class travel on the Gotthard Panorama Express, and overnight accommodations with breakfast in both Lucerne and Lugano, in a luxurious 4-star double room.

Unique Travel Experiences on the Gotthard Panorama Express

Historical Voyage: Travel through the heart of Swiss history, visiting landmarks like the Rütli Meadow and Tell’s Chapel.

Panoramic Views: Enjoy stunning views of the Swiss landscape, from lush valleys to majestic mountains.

Culinary Delights: Savor regional delicacies on both the boat and train, enhancing your travel experience.

Discover Lucerne: The Heart of Switzerland

Lucerne, nestled beside a magnificent lake and surrounded by alpine splendour, is a historical gem. Explore its old town, ancient walls, and stunning bridges.

Discover Lucerne: The Heart of Switzerland
Discover Lucerne: The Heart of Switzerland

Lake Lucerne: Nature's Canvas

Journey around Lake Lucerne, adorned with quaint villages and majestic mountains, offering a snapshot of Switzerland’s natural diversity.

steamboat on Lake Lucerne
Travel by steamboat on Lake Lucerne

Historical Roots: Wilhelm Tell and Swiss Origins

Experience the legacy of Wilhelm Tell, Switzerland’s national hero, and explore sites pivotal to Swiss history like the Rütli Meadow.

Flüelen, Erstfeld & Wassen: A Scenic Transition

Witness the awe-inspiring Alps and the quaint charm of Flüelen and Wassen, marking your transition from the serene Swiss lakes to the mystic mountains.


Through the Gotthard Tunnel to Airolo

Travel through the historic Gotthard Tunnel, emerging into the Mediterranean ambiance of Airolo, a testament to Swiss engineering and cultural diversity.

Biasca & Bellinzona: Gateway to Italy

As you approach Italy, experience the southern charm of Biasca and Bellinzona, adorned with ancient churches and castles, setting the stage for your Italian adventure.


Lakeside Bliss: Locarno & Lugano

Conclude your journey in the enchanting lakeside towns of Locarno and Lugano, each offering a unique blend of Swiss scenery and Italian culture.

Lake Lugano
Lake Lugano

Extend Your Adventure: From Lakes to Milan

After soaking in the charm of Locarno and Lugano, consider extending your holiday to the captivating Lake Maggiore, serene Lake Como, or the quaint town of Porlezza on Lake Lugano. Each destination offers its allure, from tranquil lakeside retreats to the bustling urban elegance of Milan, crafting a perfect ending to your picturesque journey.