Venice Introduces New Entry Fee in 2024

Planning a Venice trip? Learn what's next for the city by reading on.

The Details: What's Changing?

From 2024, you might need to set aside a few extra euros for your Venice adventure. A new trial initiative will require tourists to pay a 5-euro entry fee to enjoy the city’s wonders.


This move comes after years of deliberation and a few controversies. But the aim is clear: to control and manage the influx of day tourists and ensure the city remains delightful for residents and international visitors.

When Does This Apply?

Don’t pack your bags just yet! The fee isn’t for every single day of the year. In 2024, this trial will span about 30 select days. These dates will be unveiled in the coming weeks, but here’s a hint: think spring holidays and sun-soaked summer weekends.

Who's Exempt?

Good news for some! If you’re under 14 or fall into a few select categories, you can enter the city without reaching for your wallet. Daily visitors, brace yourselves; this change is primarily for you.

Exemptions include:

-Residents of the Municipality of Venice.

-Workers, whether you’re on payroll or rocking the self-employed life.

-Commuters getting their daily hustle on.

-Students of schools and universities in the ancient City or the minor Islands.

In Conclusion

Venice is not just another destination; it’s an experience. And while a 5-euro ticket might be a new part of the journey from 2024, the canals, the history, and the magic remain priceless. Safe travels!

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