Honesty and Financial Security at ExpertoItaly

Your Peace of Mind is Our Priority

At ExpertoItaly, we’ve built our foundation on trust since 2011, ensuring your holiday bookings are not just a transaction, but a pact of reliability. We pride ourselves on our unwavering financial security, making us a resilient partner in your travel plans.

Financial Safety with the Travel Trust Association

As proud members of the Travel Trust Association (TTA membership Q8055), your payments are safeguarded in a unique way. We don’t keep your money in our accounts. Instead, it’s securely placed in a TTA Trust Account, further protected by robust insurance and bonding. This means your funds are specifically reserved for your holiday and immune to any financial upheavals, including the unexpected challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic. In times of need, refunds are prompt and hassle-free, emphasizing our commitment to your peace of mind.

Flight Consultations: Empowering Your Travel Choices

While we specialize in creating bespoke Italian holidays, we don’t book flights directly. However, we offer expert advice to help you find the best flight options, ensuring your journey is as cost-effective as it is comfortable. By managing your flight arrangements, you retain control over your travel plans, aligning with our ethos of trust and independence.


How to protect your holiday if your flight gets cancelled

Understanding TTA’s 100% Financial Protection

Booking with ExpertoItaly means enjoying complete financial protection under the Travel Trust Association. Here’s how it works:

Trust Account: Your payment goes into a secure Trust Account, overseen by a designated trustee, ensuring your money is always available for your holiday.


Financial Guarantee: In addition to the Trust Account, the TTA provides a guarantee of up to £11,000 per passenger. This means in the unlikely event of insolvency, your investment is protected, ensuring you can book with confidence.


Guarantee Certificate: Upon booking, you receive a certificate guaranteeing your financial protection, offering an added layer of security for your holiday.


In summary, whether it’s safeguarding your funds or providing tailored travel advice, ExpertoItaly is dedicated to ensuring your Italian holiday is as secure as it is memorable. With us, your holiday plans are not just financially protected; they’re a promise of an unforgettable Italian experience.

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