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Experience the warmth of traditional hospitality and the breathtaking beauty of the Pollino National Park at Hotel Meruo in Morano Calabro



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Discover Albergo Merùo: A Unique and Magical Hotel in Morano Calabro

Are you looking for a special place to experience the pleasure of a holiday in a unique landscape? Look no further than Albergo Merùo, located in the heart of Morano Calabro, a typical village in the Pollino National Park, the largest park in Italy.

Experience Tradition in a Contemporary Guise

Albergo Merùo embodies a tradition in a contemporary guise, where you can experience sweet moments that will touch your heart. The hotel is a magical structure that will envelop you with its warmth and elegance.


Its walls are imbued with a scent of freshness, emotions, silence, and ultimately the essence of hospitality. The hotel is part of an ongoing strategic program for the enhancement of the territory, as an example of an activity to promote, know and experience, given the high professionalism of the owner, Biagio Berardi.

Impeccable Hospitality and Genuine Cordiality

Albergo Merùo is a family-run hotel with a taste for hospitality and genuine cordiality. You will feel at home with the discretion and tranquility of the place.


The hotel owners, Biagio and Roberto Berardi, will make you feel welcome and engage you in a series of recreational activities typical of the area. You will experience authenticity, emotional tours, rediscovering customs, traditions, landscape, culture, and cuisine.

Tasteful Decor and Homemade Cakes

The hotel is tastefully decorated, leaving nothing to chance. The attention to detail is evident in every piece of furniture and wall, different stories of a past that comes alive.


The breakfast area is beautiful and welcoming, with homemade cakes served at breakfast that deserve praise. The rooms may be a bit small, but they are clean and functional, with comfortable bathrooms.

Excellent Value for Money

Albergo Merùo offers excellent value for money, with reasonable costs. Public parking is available near the hotel, and free parking is available 50 meters from the entrance. The hotel has an elevator. The town of Morano Calabro is quiet and relaxing, making it an ideal place to eliminate stress.

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