Cilento National Park


#GREEK TEMPLES - Paestum, incipit of all the Grand Tours and romantic travels of the nineteenth century: the visit to the archaeological area is a must and especially at sunset it offers special emotions, when the three, perfectly preserved, millenary temples of Hera, Neptune and Athena turn pink. The Archaeological Museum is also worth a visit where you'll see the famous Tomb of the Diver, an extraordinary pictorial artifact dating to 470 BC.


#SCENIC HIKING - Between woods and mountains, valleys and river courses, Cilento is the ideal setting for trekking. The Path of Lovers in Ascea Marina is one of the most popular and famous trekking paths in the Cilento area. It is a path almost exclusively made of steps but which gives hikers a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Velia and Punta del Telegrafo, up to Capo Palinuro.


#RIVER, LAKE, NATURE AND SPORT - The Gorges of the Calore river, between Felitto and Magliano are a spectacle of nature made of deep bottlenecks, steep limestone rocks, waters that create eddies and small waterfalls. The Gorges can be observed from above, along the trekking paths that run alongside this wonder of nature or by navigating them from the inside in a canoe or kayak or on foot, engaging in canyoning, with expert local guides. (

#THE SEA - For years, ten Blue Flags have been waving in Cilento, on a hundred kilometres of beaches, cliffs shaped by sun and wind, secret coves, lonely ravines.
It starts from Paestum and goes down. From Agropoli to Sapri, it is all a succession of bays and beaches, caves and inlets awarded with full marks. Comfortable beaches for families and hidden coves, often accessible only by sea, a paradise for divers and lonely spirits.


#MOZZARELLA CHEESE AND MORE - The road to reach some places in Cilento is dotted with dairy farms where you can taste not only the famous buffalo mozzarella but many other buffalo milk-based products, such as yogurt, puddings, ice cream and delicious spreads.


#UNDERGROUND CAVES WITH A RIVER - One of the most evocative places in the Cilento Park are the Caves of Pertosa and Auletta. These caves have two peculiarities: they are the only caves in Italy where it is possible to navigate an underground river, the Negro river and they are the only caves in Europe to preserve the remains of a pile-dwelling village dating back to the second millennium BC.


Discover the delights of the Cilento National Park

Characterised by its coastal, craggy, sun-bleached, rustic towns, the Cilento National Park is a unique alternative to the Amalfi Coast, where tourists flood each year.


Family Holidays

Family fun at the Aquafarm

Kids generally love the perks of staying at hotels but add on a water park and that regular family getaway suddenly hits thrilling new heights.



The Pertosa Caves: a journey into the Earth

The Pertosa Caves in the Cilento Park represent an exceptional natural heritage in Europe. It is in fact the only cave where you can navigate an underground river.


Self Drive Holidays

Drink in the glitz and glamour of the towns and villages along the Amalfi Coast then head south for a rather more chilled atmosphere and equally dramatic views in the Cilento Park.


A 14-night holiday from the Thyrrenian Sea of the Amalfi Coast to the Adriatic sea of the Puglia region. Breathtaking views included.


Walking distance to town and beach

Family-friendly seaside hotel with excellent facilities for relaxing at the beach


Walking distance to the town of Agropoli, so an ideal car-free Italian beach break


One of the finest settings on the Cilento coast, enjoy your breakfast with sweeping views of the Tyrrhenian sea.


Breathtaking Views

Farmhouse with self-catering apartments

Nestled on the hill rising from the ancient archaeological site of Paestum, is Borgo la Pietraia, a sandstone village offering beautiful rooms overlooking the Cilento coast.


Spend your holiday immersive in the nature on a working Italian farm, close to the sea and world-class attractions.