Western Sicily

Discover Western Sicily: Coastal Elegance Meets Rich History

Western Sicily is a symphony of ancient allure and natural marvels. Dive deep into its soul, from golden sunsets in Trapani to the artistic riches of Mazara del Vallo. Here, dreams and reality dance together under the Mediterranean sun.

Attractive Retreats that Elevate Your Sicilian Experience

Let the ambience of warm, welcoming staff set the perfect tone for your holiday. Dive into relaxation and witness the magic of genuine Sicilian hospitality.

For the gourmets! Delight in fine wines delectable cuisine, and immerse in culture. From the hilltop town of Erice to the ancient ruins of Segesta, all lie within your reach.

Embark on an odyssey that stitches the best of Western Sicily into one majestic tapestry. Drive through panoramic landscapes, from rugged coasts to ancient ruins, and let the region's tales unfold.

Beach within Reach

Off the coasts of Trapani and Marsala there is the small archipelago of the Egadi, formed by the islands of Favignana, Marettimo, Levanzo and another series of uninhabited islets (Formica, Maraone, Stagnone and Galeotta).

Steps away from one of Italy's most prized beaches, this haven combines the luxury of comfort with the natural allure of sun, sea, and sand.

Discover the Enchanting Beauty of Western Sicily: A Timeless Getaway

Unveil the mesmerising charm of southwest Sicily, a canvas of vivid colours, ancient histories, and natural wonders. From the radiant sunsets of Trapani to the rich cultural fabric of Mazara, the magic of this region awaits.

A Place Where Dreams Merge with Reality

Gaze from the sky as you land in Trapani, and you'll see a landscape brimming with hues. Verdant wheat fields stretch alongside vineyards, adorned with the region's signature "bagli." As the sun sets, these lands shimmer in golden hues, making it the dreamer's paradise. Experience a world where seasons merge with year-long sunshine, vibrant blue skies, and the inviting Mediterranean breeze.

A Heritage Steeped in Time

The imprints of great civilisations - Greeks, Romans, and Carthaginians - echo through Western Sicily's historic sites. Whether it's the ruins of Segesta and Selinunte or the luscious vineyards that once nourished Athens and Rome, every nook carries a tale. Dive into a gastronomic extravaganza as the flavours of diverse cultures come alive on your plate in Italy's finest cuisines.

Must-Experience Delights of Western Sicily

Golden Hour at Erice

Revel in breathtaking sunsets from Erice's gardens, capturing panoramic vistas of the Gulf, salt pans, and beyond. The village's ancient churches and intricate laces testify to its age-old traditions.

Sunset from Erice

Trek with Soul in Custonaci

Embark on a spiritual journey across Monte Cofano Natural Reserve. From serene treks by the sea to the historic Chapel of the Crucifix, experience nature and spirituality intertwining.

Beach of San Vito lo Capo

Island Chronicles in Favignana

Beyond its pristine waters and vibrant coves, Favignana boasts of Italy's industrial heritage at the Florio plant. Delve into the Punic Wars and maritime histories preserved in its depths.

Island of Favignana

Walk Garibaldi's Path in Marsala

Trace the steps of Garibaldi in Marsala, from monuments commemorating the unification of Italy to relics and documents from an era of revolution.

walking around Marsala

Witness the Majestic Temple of Segesta

A rarity today, the temple stands with all its 36 columns, offering views stretching to the Gulf of Castellammare—experience history with concerts and shows during the Dionysian season.

Temple of Segesta

Artistic Endeavors in Mazara del Vallo

Beyond its bounteous sea and history, Mazara is a melting pot of cultures. From Jewish to Tunisian influences, the city's artistry and hospitality shine through every ceramic piece and street corner.

Cathedral of Mazara del Vallo

Every corner of Western Sicily whispers tales from the past while offering contemporary wonders. Let its essence captivate your heart, and gift yourself memories that linger for eternity. Experience the untouched, the pure, the magnificent - only in Western Sicily.

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