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Palazzo de Noha is small and clean, with every comfort you could want--including a small pool on the terrace with a bar. It's perfect for watching the sunset and listening to the birds.




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4 nights sharing a Deluxe double room

Daily breakfast

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Palazzo De Noha is a lifestyle hotel in the heart of Lecce that has an ancient soul but is also contemporary. Hospitality here carefully preserves the past.In 1490, Baron Francesco De Noha and his wife Marzia Guarini donated their house to the court to take in abandoned children. The Palace became the first orphanage in Lecce, and it was called "Corte dei Gettatelli".


Today Paola and Giorgio are keeping an important piece of their city's history alive with a touch of contemporary sophistication. The Palazzo De Noha spaces have been renovated to respect the ancient, and are enhanced by a selection of works of art and design. Like an Art Gallery with welcoming walls, it narrates one of the passions of the hosts in harmony and intimate cordiality.


The rooftop is a great place to relax and check out the view of Lecce. You can enjoy breakfast or watch the sunset with a cocktail.


The 13 rooms of the Palazzo are all different, with raw materials and contemporary elements that interact well with the historical atmosphere.


Air conditioning

Smart TV 40” (Netflix)


Professional hairdryer

Luxury toiletries by Culti

Pool towel and sandals

Courtesy set for tea and coffee

Queen-size and king-size beds








Courtesy Line


Air Conditioning


Palazzo de Noha has the perfect location for exploring the historic city centre.


Just like Florence is the Mecca of the Renaissance style, Lecce is the Mecca of the Baroque style. The "Barocco Leccese" style is thanks to the golden limestone from the region, which is easy to work with. Architects in the 16th and 17th centuries did some amazing things with it.


Statues, plant motifs, gargoyles, capitals, and columns cover the monuments, each more impressive than the last.


The first shock: the Piazza del Duomo, one of the most beautiful in Italy. The cathedral, bell tower, archbishop's palace, and a few palazzos are worth admiring... You get lost in the alleys and come across fancy buildings, churches, and squares at every corner.


There are also some beautiful small towns nearby - like Nardo. Its Piazza Salandra is a gorgeous Baroque square, with richly decorated balconies and loggias, and an incredible Virgin's Column.


In short, Lecce and its surroundings are great for exploring amazing architecture.

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