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Discover Romance in Nature's Embrace

Nestled on the enchanting Italian-Swiss border, ARIA Retreat & Spa offers couples a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in luxury while staying in harmony with nature. Overlooking the serene Lake Lugano and set against a backdrop of lush forests and mountains, this resort is the perfect getaway for couples seeking a romantic and eco-friendly retreat.


15 Suites with lake view terrace


from £ 3850 per person


7 nights sharing a one-bedroom Suite

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Luxurious Accommodations at ARIA Retreat & Spa

Discover a world where elegance meets sophistication, with each suite at ARIA Retreat & Spa offering a perfect blend of luxury and comfort. Set against the stunning Lake Lugano, these suites are designed for couples, families, and individuals, seeking an unforgettable stay.

Suite Options at ARIA Retreat & Spa

👫 Lake View One-Bedroom Loggia Suite

Ideal for couples, this suite features a panoramic lake view from a private loggia, a spacious lounge, a separate bedroom with a king bed, and a bathroom adorned with elegant natural stone. The inclusion of a well-equipped kitchen ensures a blend of luxury and convenience.

👨‍👩‍👧 Lake View Loggia Suite

Perfect for small families or friends, this suite boasts a large lounge, two separate bedrooms with king beds, two bathrooms in natural stone, and a kitchen. Its private loggia offers breathtaking lake views.

🌄 Lake View Grand Loggia Suite

Offering more room for relaxation and enjoyment, this suite is similar to the Lake View Loggia Suite but with additional space, making it ideal for those who appreciate extra comfort.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Lake View Family Grand Loggia Suite

Tailored for larger families or groups, this suite includes a large lounge, three separate bedrooms with king beds, and three bathrooms. The private loggia provides panoramic lake views for a serene family retreat.

🌟 Iconic ARIA Penthouse Suite

Located on the top floor, this suite is the pinnacle of luxury. It features a large lounge, two separate bedrooms with king beds, two bathrooms, and a stunning loggia offering panoramic lake views.

🔭 Lago Penthouse Suite

Also on the top floor, this penthouse suite mirrors the luxury of the Iconic ARIA Penthouse Suite, with its spacious layout, elegant design, and breathtaking views.

CEò Spa: A Celtic-Inspired Wellness Haven

Indulge in the tranquil CEò Spa, a haven of relaxation inspired by ancient Celtic traditions. Couples can unwind in a space that celebrates the mystical bond between nature and well-being, set amidst a vast subtropical park. The spa's serene ambience provides an intimate setting for rejuvenation and connection.

Culinary Delights at Dolce Vita Lounge & Terrace

Savour the flavours of Italy at Dolce Vita Lounge & Terrace. Couples can relax with bespoke cocktails and gourmet dishes, enjoying the laid-back ambience and exquisite lake views. The lounge's creative menu, featuring local lake fish and house-made infusions, is perfect for a romantic meal or a relaxed afternoon together.

The Terraces: Panoramic Beauty and Intimate Spaces

Experience the romance of ARIA's terraced design. Each level offers a unique setting for couples to enjoy together: from the heated pools with stunning lake views to the private spa facilities and saunas. The Garden Suite, with its exclusive garden, provides an intimate oasis for couples to enjoy their own private slice of paradise.

Sustainable Elegance and Design

ARIA Retreat & Spa, designed by the esteemed R4M Engineering, showcases sustainable luxury at its finest. Couples can bask in the comfort of eco-conscious living with the resort's energy-efficient features, including solar panels and natural materials. The resort's commitment to the environment adds a meaningful dimension to your stay, ensuring a guilt-free luxury experience.

La Musa Restaurant: A Michelin-Recognized Dining Experience

For a special evening, dine at La Musa Restaurant, where Chef Michele Pili's culinary masterpieces await. This Michelin-recognized restaurant offers a sensory journey through Sardinian and Italian cuisines, making it an ideal spot for a memorable romantic dinner. The exquisite wine selection, curated by expert sommeliers, complements the dining experience beautifully.

Art and Nature Combined

Stroll through the Parco San Marco Hotels & Beach Resort, where art and nature blend seamlessly. Explore the artistic installations scattered throughout the resort, adding an element of cultural enrichment to your stay. The resort's serene park and private beach offer ample opportunities for romantic walks and intimate moments.

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