Enchanting Extensions: Elevate Your Milanese City Break with Divine Detours

Elevate a week’s escape to Milan with captivating detours, each a treasure chest of wonders. Venture beyond the city’s chic allure and embrace Varenna’s romantic realms, Stresa’s symphonic beauty, Lugano’s luxurious embrace, and Lake Iseo’s tranquil tapestry. Witness these remarkable havens’ harmonious blend of history, nature, and enchantment.

🏰 Lake Lugano, a Fusion of Swiss Sophistication and Italian Passion 🏰

Lake Lugano, Mount Bre, Church of San Lorenzo

Historical Echoes: Explore Lugano’s glorious past, where each corner whispers tales of strategic military importance, age-old conflicts, and fascinating epoch transitions.


Campione d’Italia: Traverse through the intriguing enclave of Campione d’Italia, where geographical separations weave unique tales of culture, politics, and breathtaking scenic charm.

🍃 Nature’s Palette: Breathtaking Landscapes and Outdoor Euphoria 🍃

Porlezza: Lose yourself in the captivating embrace of Porlezza’s verdant mountains and medieval charm, where nature’s grandeur coalesces with architectural elegance.


Brusimpiano: Experience tranquillity in Brusimpiano’s embrace, a delightful haven offering intimate encounters with nature’s beauty and serene lake views.

🎣 Aquatique Adventures: Fishing, Boating, and More 🎣

Fishing at Lake Lugano: Dive into a fishing adventure where the lake’s depths narrate tales of diverse aquatic life, from brook trout to the enigmatic wels catfish.


Nautical Narratives: Sail through Lake Lugano’s mesmerising waters, where each ripple unveils a panorama of mesmerising mountains and sky-kissing Alpine vistas.

🍝 Culinary Chronicles and Vivacious Villages 🍝

Lavena Ponte Tresa: Experience culinary wonders and leisurely lakeside strolls in the picturesque realms of Lavena Ponte Tresa, a sanctuary of relaxation and gourmet delights.


Gastronomic Galore: Immerse in a sensory feast as the regions around Lake Lugano unveil an array of delectable cuisines, infusing your palate with extraordinary flavours.

🏰 Varenna: A Tale of Villas and Verdant Vistas 🏰

Varenna, Lake Como

Villa Monastero: Traverse the corridors of time in Villa Monastero, where exquisite gardens and a museum beckon exploration. Wander through nature’s artwork and witness stunning perspectives that crown Varenna’s appeal (Open: March-November).


Villa Cipressi: Visit the terraced gardens of Villa Cipressi, where romance blooms, offering perfect vignettes for life’s beautiful moments against a stunning lakeside backdrop.

🖼 Cultural Treasures and Charming Streets 🖼

Church of San Giorgio: Let the artistic expressions within the Church of San Giorgio whisper tales of history, augmenting your walk through Varenna’s delightful squares.


Varenna’s Heart: Stroll through Varenna’s enchanting town centre, where each alley narrates stories of charm and allure, enhanced by the turquoise embrace of Lake Como.

🌹 Romantic Strolls and Medieval Echoes 🌹

Passeggiata Degli Innamorati (Lover’s Walk): Succumb to the romance of the Lover’s Walk, where serene lake views craft enchanting pathways of affection and admiration.


Castello di Vezio: March towards breathtaking views atop the hill at Castello di Vezio, a medieval sentinel overlooking Varenna’s enchantment (Open: March-November).

🚤 Nautical Adventures and Lakeside Charms 🚤

Lake Como’s Canvas: Embrace Lake Como’s narrative through delightful boat tours, interweaving the essence of famous villas and breathtaking natural canvases with indulgent wine-tasting interludes.


Bellagio Beckons: Enhance your itinerary with a ferry ride to Bellagio, where the golden triangle of Lake Como unveils a tapestry of boutiques, divine eateries, and mesmerising lake views.

🏞 Stresa: A Symphony of Islands and Gardens 🏞

View of Lake Maggiore from the Mottarone Peak

Borromean Islands: Navigate through the captivating beauty of the Borromean Islands, where each island is a unique bouquet of aesthetics, from palatial elegance to blossoming gardens.


Villa Pallavicino: Traverse the paths of Villa Pallavicino’s exquisite gardens, where botanical beauty dances with the delightful presence of animals, creating a soothing symphony for the senses.

🖼 Cultural Melodies and Artistic Echoes 🖼

Mottarone Cable Car: Elevate your experience with a journey on the Mottarone Cable Car. Ascend towards panoramic poetry, where horizons weave tales of majestic mountains and endless lakes.


Stresa’s Heart: Enrich your steps with Stresa’s embrace as you wander through charming streets, absorbing the essence of elegance, culture, and warm Italian welcomes.

🌹 Romantic Rhythms and Gastronomic Harmonies 🌹

Lake Strolls: Meander alongside the lake, where the soft rhythms of water compose melodies of romance, accompanying every intimate whisper and tender gaze.


Gastronomy’s Gateway: Allow Stresa’s culinary orchestra to tantalise your senses. Experience the harmony of flavours as local ingredients sing tales of tradition and innovation.

🚤 Nautical Narratives and Riveting Explorations 🚤

Lake Maggiore’s Majesty: Set sail on the gentle waters of Lake Maggiore, where each ripple narrates tales of history, nature, and architectural grace.


Alpine Echoes: Seek the whispers of nearby Alpine trails, where nature’s music plays in the rustle of leaves and the symphony of serene surroundings.