Greek Festival 2024 Siracusa: A Timeless Voyage through Dramatic Arts

The ancient ruins of Siracusa shall once again echo with the impassioned dialogues of Greek tragedians and the whimsical whims of Roman comedy as the city gears up for the 59th Season of the National Institute of Ancient Drama (Inda).


A tradition that interweaves the ancient with the contemporary, the Greek Festival 2024 is a much-awaited event that promises a rendezvous with the eclectic and profound world of classical drama. As the curtain rises on May 10th and falls on June 29th, the city’s historic Greek Theatre will see connoisseurs and enthusiasts of ancient drama transcend time, dwelling in the ageless stories spun by legendary playwrights – Sophocles, Euripides, and Plautus.

The Luminous Lineup:

A bouquet of compelling dramas awaits the audience. Sophocles’ “Ajax” explores the consequences of pride and the torment of realisation; Euripides’ “Phaedra” delves into the destructive and consuming nature of forbidden love, while Plautus’ “Miles Gloriosus” enlivens the stage with its humorous take on boastfulness and deception.


With Luca Micheletti taking the directorial reins for “Ajax,” Paul Curran orchestrating “Phaedra,” and Leo Muscato making a much-awaited return with “Miles Gloriosus” following his previous stint with “Prometheus Bound”, the stage is set for a multidimensional theatrical experience.

Concept 2024: Passions and Illusions:

This season seeks to navigate the spectrum of human emotions, entwining the audience in tales of love, honour, vanity, and tragic consequences. Whether Phaedra’s suffocating love, Ajax’s undying quest for honour, or Miles’ humorous, self-imposed illusions of grandeur, the Greek Festival 2024 aims to stir the soul and tickle the funny bone, presenting a well-rounded theatrical journey.

Phaedra - The Perils of Forbidden Love:

The telling tragedy of Phaedra and her harrowing love for her stepson, Hippolytus, is a confrontation with the all-consuming nature of forbidden affection. As love’s fervour spirals into despair and calamity, the audience is privy to the destructive trail left in its wake, portraying the timeless struggle between passion and virtue.

Ajax - The Price of Pride:

Sophocles’ Ajax transports the audience to a grim setting where pride meets its tragic end. Through the harrowing journey of Ajax, the brave who faces the ridicule of gods and men, the narrative delves into the burdens a hero bears and the ruthless reality of fleeting glory.

Miles Gloriosus - A Lighthearted Interlude:

Amid the intense dramatic offerings, Plautus’ Miles Gloriosus sprinkles the essence of Roman comedy over Siracusa. It’s a humorous venture into the life of the boastful soldier Pyrgopolinice, whose inflated tales of heroism encounter a reality check, portraying a story as hilarious as it is timeless.

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