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£ 3860 per person 14 nights

This multi-centre holiday is for people who want to holiday in Puglia without renting a car, and instead tour by train and local public transport.


You don't need a car—you can explore Puglia on foot or by bicycle and still have plenty of guided tours and local experiences.

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14 nights


from £ 3860 per person


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Daily breakfast

Private transfers

3-h private walking tours in Matera and Lecce

3 nights sharing a deluxe double room at the Corte di San Pietro Matera

4 nights sharing a Suite at the Locanda Don Ferrante in Monopoli

3 nights sharing a double room at Palazzo de Noha in Lecce

4 nights sharing a double room at Palazzo Presta in Gallipoli

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Matera: the charm of the Sassi

  • Private transfer from Bari airport
  • 3 nights including breakfast sharing a deluxe double room at the Corte di San Pietro
  • 3 hours private walking tour included

Matera is a city carved in the Tuffa rock. It's a set of lines of caves that are superimposed or alternate with houses partly excavated and partly built.


The historic centre is a complex beauty that can only be understood by walking around it. The historical layers and the delicate relationship with the surrounding nature make it a surprising open-air museum.


Spring and Autumn Breaks: Matera >>

The incredible scenario of Matera

Monopoli is beautiful

  • private transfer from Matera
  • 4 nights including breakfast sharing a Suite at the Locanda Don Ferrante

Monopoli is beautiful. The typical beauty of Apulia, with its white houses and tufa stones. Mix everything with a blue sky and turquoise sea. Oh, and don't forget the smiles of the people you meet.


The town is in a central area, only 41 minutes from Bari, and close to lots of places of interest, like Polignano a Mare, the Castellana Caves, Alberobello, and other great villages. It's a great base to explore this part of Puglia any time of year.


Monopoli is a popular destination because it has both history and beach. The beaches of this stretch of coast represent the natural outlet to the sea of the Valle d'Itria.

Alleyway. Monopoli


There's a lot to see in the historic centre beyond the facades of the buildings. A good guide for this purpose is the Associazione Pietre Vive, which organises short guided tours of the city's most important points.

Monopoli's city beaches are great--all you need is a towel and a drink, and you're good to go. If you want to go further, there are the beaches of Porto Rosso, Porto Ghiacciolo, and Cala Verde.

The Koiné cultural association proposes an excursion between dry-stone walls and suggestive farms to show the riches of the territory and make visitors aware of the importance of these rural realities.

The Lama degli Ulivi Botanical Garden is a beautiful park outside Monopoli, with dozens of plant varieties from around the world.

Polignano a Mare - 5 minutes by train. The sea is crystal clear, the sand is white, and the historic centre is evocative. The City of the Song "Volare" offers beautiful beaches, fish restaurants and shops where you can stock up on typical products.

Castellana Caves - 20 minutes by bus. The Castellana Caves (in the province of Bari) are the biggest caves in Italy. They're some of the most spectacular in our country, extending for 3,348 meters and reaching a maximum depth of 122 meters from the surface.

Ostuni - 25 minutes by train - Wandering through the narrow streets of Ostuni is endless and full of surprises and enchanting views.

Trani - 1 hour by train - The Cathedral of Trani is a great example of Apulian Romanesque architecture. It's so close to the sea that it looks like it's suspended over the restaurants and shops where you can stock up on typical products.

Lecce: a Baroque beauty

  • Private transfer from Monopoli
  • 3 nights including breakfast sharing a double room at Palazzo de Noha
  • 3 hours private walking tour included

Lecce is like a city embroidered in white stones, which fade from ivory to pearl and give the streets an immaculate light. It's is the perfect place to experience a mix of Baroque, architecture and traditional Salento cuisine.


You'll find yourself eating a contemporary Pasticciotto in front of the sixteenth-century city walls of the city, or snacking with the best Rustico sandwich in history while contemplating the Roman amphitheatre.


The city has great art, palaces, and churches, and is strategically located in the heart of Salento, with the sea just 10 kilometres away.

Basilica of Santa Croce or Church of the Holy Cross


Via Umberto I - It is one of the most romantic streets in Lecce and houses the Lecce papier-mâché shops, where master craftsmen work day and night intent on the meticulous work of assembling the papier-mâché.

The lift only takes 43 seconds to reach the top of the Cathedral's bell tower, where you can enjoy a 43-meter-high panoramic view of the city.

The Jewish Museum is set up inside Palazzo Taurino, a medieval building erected on the site where the Synagogue stood in the fifteenth century.

The Pasticciotto is a classic Apulian pastry: a fragrant shortcrust pastry shell with a delicious custard inside. Make sure to try one before you leave the city. Try Caffè Alvino, Lecce and take note of the #pasticciottoday on 1st of June.

May is the ideal month to visit Lecce. Cortili Aperti (Open Courts) is a great event for discovering places normally not accessible to tourists, like private gardens, ancient oil mills, and walls from the Roman era. All in the heart of the historic centre.

Gallipoli: Salento's Pearl

  • Private transfer from Lecce
  • 3 nights including breakfast sharing a double room at Palazzo Presta
  • Private transfer to Brindisi airport

Gallipoli is a nice town in the province of Lecce, overlooking the Ionian Sea. It's in a beautiful location on the Mediterranean coast. It's ancient and has evidence from different historical periods.


The city's 20,000 residents more than triple in the summer months when it becomes a tourist hot spot.


There are plenty of places to spend a few carefree hours in the heart of Salento nightlife. Gallipoli's characteristic restaurants and trattorias offer the best of the region's rich cuisine, accompanied by highly prestigious wines now known throughout the world.


Meanwhile, pubs, bars, lidos and seaside chalets often organise parties with live music that makes the evening more fun.

La Purita' beach in Gallipoli


The historic centre has narrow streets that reflect the original Greek structure, with ancient palaces and churches on either side, most in the Baroque style. There are around 20 consecrated churches and 8 more suppressed by episcopal decree--almost a record.

The beautiful beaches are real natural masterpieces and always end up at the top of the rankings. La Purita, Baia Verde, Punta della Suina are sandy bays surrounded by a suggestive Mediterranean scrub that looks like the tropical beaches you see in documentaries.

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