Taste the Essence of Amalfi Coast: A Farm-to-Table Food Adventure at Farmhouse Turunziello

Are you a holidaymaker spending your vacation on the stunning Amalfi Coast? If you have a passion for local food and want to delve deeper into the culinary traditions of the region, a visit to the Farmhouse Turunziello in the municipality of Massa Lubrense is an absolute must.


Situated in Schiazzano, just 3 kilometres from the centre of Massa Lubrense, this family-run farm offers a unique and immersive food experience that will tantalise your taste buds and leave you with lasting memories.

Embrace the Farm Life and Traditional Agriculture Techniques

Step into the picturesque surroundings of the Farmhouse Turunziello, nestled at the foot of a gentle hill. Covering about 1 hectare of land, the farm is primarily dedicated to olive farming, where traditional techniques of conventional agriculture are meticulously followed.


Explore the charming terraced plots of land where the olive trees thrive, and gain insights into the art of olive cultivation.

Experience the Joy of Dairy Farming

The farm also boasts a thriving dairy operation, with 35 dairy cattle, including both Frisian and native Agerolese cows. During your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the cowshed, learn about livestock farming systems, and witness the fascinating process of milk processing, from milking to cheese-making.


Prepare to be amazed as Benedetto De Gregorio, the third-generation cheese maker and proud representative of the De Gregorio family, demonstrates the creation of delectable fresh cheeses, such as fior di latte.

Unravel the Mystery of Fior di Latte

Ever wondered why it’s called “fior di latte”? The answer lies within the scenic setting of the Farmhouse Turunziello. As Benedetto expertly crafts caciottine and various sizes of fior di latte before your eyes, he reveals the secret behind the name. While many know that mozzarella is derived from the action of “mozzare” (cutting), few know that the name “fior di latte” stems from its traditional flower-like shape, a hallmark of this region.


Enjoy the delicate flavors and versatility of fior di latte, which comes in various forms, including braids, knots, and parallelepipeds. You can even savor bite-sized pieces infused with the aromatic zest of Sorrento lemons from the farm’s own citrus grove.

Get Acquainted with the Farm's Animal Residents

Your journey continues with a visit to the cowshed, where you’ll encounter the charming animals of the farm. The farm currently houses 52 animals, including 20 in lactation. Be sure to meet Lucio, the adorable calf bound to capture your heart. The cows belong to different breeds, such as Frisian, Jersey, Agerolese, and Pezzata Antica.


Discover how their carefully controlled diet, consisting of cereals, legumes, oilseeds, and hay, contributes to the exceptional quality of the farm’s dairy production.

Delight in the Farm's Dairy Delights

Prepare your taste buds for a true feast of flavors. The Farmhouse Turunziello produces about 50 kg of cheese per day, all crafted with their own milk. Indulge in a diverse selection of cheeses, including ricotta, smoked provola made exclusively with wood, caciocavallo, and Provolone del Monaco DOP. The latter is a semi-hard stretched-curd cheese, aged for a minimum of 6 months, and made from the milk of locally raised cattle, with a significant portion coming from the native Agerolese breed.


Witness the artistry of the aging process as you visit the farm’s aging rooms. Immerse yourself in the flavors and textures of these artisanal cheeses, and appreciate the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into their production. Provolone del Monaco DOP, in particular, is a rare gem, as the Consortium for its Protection currently has only eight producers. At Turunziello, they produce a maximum of 400 forms of this exquisite cheese each year.

Witness the Family's Commitment and Passion

As your excursion closes, take a moment to observe Benedetto’s mother as she meticulously hand-packages the farm’s fresh dairy products. This personal touch showcases the family’s commitment to quality and their passion for sharing their culinary treasures with visitors like you.

A Note of Regret

Here’s where we must share some unfortunate news. Due to the farm’s small-scale production, the fresh products are only available locally. The exclusive beneficiaries of these delectable delights are local restaurants and customers who pre-order in advance.


Therefore, to savour the true essence of these dairy wonders, you must visit the Farmhouse Turunziello.

Embark on a Memorable Adventure

Reaching the Farmhouse Turunziello is an adventure in itself. Climb aboard Benedetto’s Ape, a charming three-wheeled vehicle, and navigate through narrow, winding streets under his expert guidance.


The journey alone promises breathtaking moments and adds to the excitement of your visit.

Don't Miss Out on this Authentic Amalfi Coast Food Experience

If you’re seeking the best food tours on the Amalfi Coast, an exploration of Amalfi Coast food, or a Sorrento lemon farm tour, the Farmhouse Turunziello in Massa Lubrense is a top choice. Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors and traditions of the region, learn about local agriculture, and indulge in exceptional cheeses made with love and care.


Book your visit to this charming farmhouse and create lasting memories of an unforgettable food experience on the Amalfi Coast.