Unveiling Italy’s Hidden Gems: A Bespoke Twin Centre Holiday between the Amalfi Coast and Cilento Park

14 nights

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Food & Wine, Hiking, Kayaking, Room with a view, Sightseeing

£ 3250 per person - 14 nights

Discover Italy's best-kept secrets as you journey through the rugged beauty of the Amalfi Coast and the mesmerizing serenity of the Cilento National Park.


This 14-night journey through Termini and Pisciotta uncovers Italy's less-trodden paths, presenting you with an unmatched, intimate Italian experience that promises unforgettable views, cultural richness, and invigorating adventures.

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14 nights


from £ 3250 per person


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Daily breakfast

Fully comprehensive car hire

7 nights sharing a special double room with sea view at the Relais Blu in Termini, Amalfi Coast

7 nights sharing a deluxe with sea view at the Hotel Marulivo in Pisciotta, Cilento Park

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Termini: A Serene Haven on the Amalfi Coast

Escape to the idyllic haven of Termini, an enchanting oasis where captivating panoramas merge seamlessly with the profound serenity of nature. This hidden sanctuary, nestled at the base of Mount San Costanzo, invites you to experience the captivating charm of its untouched landscapes.


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Situated between the vibrant cities of Sorrento and Amalfi, Termini offers a tranquil retreat, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts seeking solace amidst diverse ecosystems and awe-inspiring landscapes.

Termini’s rich historical and mythological significance provides a fascinating backdrop for explorers keen on delving into Italy's vibrant past.

Enjoy hikes along Via Campanella or Via Minerva, unveiling the serene beauty of Termini and panoramic views of the breathtaking Capri Island.

Take advantage of Termini's strategic location for marine exploration. Kayaking and swimming in the Naples and Salerno Gulfs offer an exhilarating experience.

  • Pick up your car hire from the airport and make your way to the Relais Blu
  • 7 nights including breakfast sharing a deluxe double room with sea view

Your luxurious sanctuary in Termini, offering unparalleled panoramic vistas of the Amalfi Coast and Capri, wrapped in a boutique setting of sublime comfort and class.

A Picturesque Journey: From Amalfi Coast to Cilento National Park


Revel in the spectacular drive between the Amalfi Coast and Cilento National Park. Make memorable stops at the mesmerizing hilltop town of Ravello, and the beautiful coastal town of Agropoli, offering captivating glimpses into Italy's historical architecture, stunning sea views, and delectable local cuisine.

Pisciotta: Timeless Charm in Cilento National Park

Journey on to Pisciotta, a medieval marvel hidden within the verdant embrace of Cilento National Park. Its maze-like alleyways, ancient structures, and close-knit connection with nature, offers a unique experience that flawlessly blends history with untouched natural beauty.


Cilento National Park >>

Navigate through Pisciotta’s winding alleys, exploring ancient buildings and uncovering hidden courtyards that whisper tales from a bygone era.

Marvel at the stunning coastline adorned with untouched caves and secluded coves, a testament to Pisciotta's inherent natural charm.

Soak up Pisciotta's authentic rhythm of life, where the allure of the sea harmonizes with the rugged terrain and the town's traditional olive oil production.

Embrace the philosophy of slowness, indulging in the unhurried pace of life that defines Pisciotta's tranquil ambiance.

  • 7 nights including breakfast sharing a deluxe double room with sea view

Experience timeless elegance at Marulivo Hotel, where historic charm meets breathtaking views, nestled within the enchanting medieval tapestry of Pisciotta.

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