Sicilian Elegance Unveiled: Dive into Taormina and Siracusa

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£ 1880 per person - 7 nights

Step into the past while soaking in modern opulence, traversing the timeless boulevards of Taormina and Siracusa. Sicily's eastern coastline beckons, where deep-rooted histories blend seamlessly with the vibrant heartbeat of La Dolce Vita. This week-long holiday treats you to a visual feast of sapphire sea views, gourmet Sicilian delights, and the urban allure of Italy's prestigious coastal gems.


Let the majestic sights from atop Mt Etna, Europe’s crowning volcano, leave you spellbound, and get lost amidst the hypnotic Baroque masterpieces and ancient Greek sanctuaries. This car-free escapade is your passport to an era gone by, with the lavish comforts of the present.

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7 nights


from £ 1880 per person


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3-h private walking tour in Siracusa

3 nights sharing a Junior Suite with sea view at the Hotel Villa Carlotta in Taormina

4 nights sharing a Superior double room with a sea view balcony at the B&B La Giuggiulena in Siracusa

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4x4 excursion to Mt Etna guided by a volcanologist

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Out-of-town excursions to Noto, Ragusa and Catania

Taormina's Temptation: Where Timeless Legacies Kiss Mediterranean Bliss

Cradled by the Sicilian coastline, Taormina is a symphony of golden shores, deep-rooted culture, and vistas that ignite the soul. Dive into the town's medieval magic, delight your palate with classic Italian confections, and let the Mediterranean sun caress your spirit.

Private transfer from Catania airport

3 nights including brekfast sharing a Junior Suite with sea views at the Hotel Villa Carlotta

Rest at Hotel Villa Carlotta

An intimate haven of elegance and warmth, Hotel Villa Carlotta boasts 23 uniquely crafted rooms. Feel the embrace of a cherished home elevated by luxury boutique offerings. From suites serenading with sea whispers to rooms immersed in verdant tranquillity, unparalleled solace awaits.

Sicily, Taormina

Historic Chronicles

Start your historic journey at the ancient Greek Theatre, one of the most celebrated ruins in Sicily. Not only does it offer a deep dive into the town's Grecian roots, but its elevated position also provides a panoramic view of the sea and Mount Etna. After that, wander through the narrow alleyways of Corso Umberto, Taormina's main street, flanked by medieval buildings, quaint boutiques, and historical landmarks like the Palazzo Corvaja.


Espresso Moments

Visit Caffè Wunderbar, an iconic establishment in Piazza IX Aprile. With its prime location, this cafe offers aromatic coffee and mesmerising views of the Ionian Sea. The piazza is a hub of activity, surrounded by historic churches, artists showcasing their work, and street musicians adding to the ambience.

Seaside Serenity

Make your way to Isola Bella, a small and enchanting island at the foot of Taormina. Connected to the mainland by a narrow path, this pebbled beach is surrounded by clear azure waters, perfect for sunbathing and swimming. If you're looking for a more expansive stretch of sand, Spiaggia di Mazzarò is another must-visit spot, offering parasols, sun loungers, and serene waters.

Artistic Inspiration

The Public Gardens of Taormina (Giardini della Villa Comunale) is a sanctuary of serenity and beauty. Filled with exotic plants, sculptures, and meandering pathways, it's easy to see why artists and writers have been inspired here for centuries. Take a stroll, find a shaded bench, and let your thoughts wander as you gaze upon the sea from this elevated garden.

Siracusa's Spell: An Overture of Classic Majesty and Contemporary Flair

In a Glimpse: Siracusa, draped in Baroque magnificence, invites you to its tapestry woven with tales and grandeur. As a city graced by UNESCO's seal of Heritage, its profound Greek roots beckon history lovers and culture seekers.

Private transfer between Taormina and Siracusa

5 nights sharing a double room wth a sea view balcony including breakfast at the B&B La Giuggiulena

Private transfer to Catania airport

B&B La Giuggiulena's Allure

Perched gracefully on a cliff's edge, this B&B promises familial warmth while the vast expanse of cerulean waves unfolds below. Each room offers unique charm and mesmerising vistas. The lounge, topped with glass, invites moments of serene reflection.

Baroque Brilliance

Begin your Baroque adventure with the Cathedral of Syracuse (Duomo di Siracusa), a stunning structure that integrates an ancient Greek temple's columns into its design. From there, wander to Piazza Duomo, the heart of Ortigia, surrounded by breathtaking Baroque buildings like the Palazzo Beneventano del Bosco and Church of Santa Lucia alla Badia, which houses a famed Caravaggio painting.


Echoes of Greece

A visit to Siracusa would be incomplete without exploring the Neapolis Archaeological Park. This expansive site is home to several ancient structures, but the crown jewel is undoubtedly the Greek Theatre of Syracuse, one of the largest and best-preserved theatres from ancient Greece. Close by, you'll also find the Ear of Dionysius, a limestone cave famed for its unique acoustics and history.


Luxurious Legacy

Ortigia is the soul of Siracusa, a historic island teeming with centuries-old architecture and charm. Wander along Via Roma, the main street, bustling with shops and eateries. Drop by the Fonte Aretusa, a freshwater spring with a legend dating back to Greek mythology. As you wander, don't miss the Mercato di Ortigia, where you can immerse yourself in a sensory explosion of colours, scents, and flavours unique to Sicily.


Scenic Strolls

For a peaceful stroll, head to the Lungomare di Ortigia, a waterfront promenade offering unmatched views of the sea and the city's fortifications. Another must-visit is the Maniace Castle, located at the tip of Ortigia. Here, you can not only delve into the history of Siracusa's defense but also enjoy panoramic views of the Mediterranean.

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