Hotels for (wonderful) holidays in Italy

The perfect holiday? In Italy, of course, but better if in a nice hotel.

When you go on holiday, you are always full of expectations: you want to switch off, visit new places, relax and simply feel pleasant. The choice of destination is certainly crucial, but the hotel in which you will stay also has a considerable weight.


A hotel with poor service, cleanliness that leaves something to wish for, and a place not suitable for the countless trips you plan to make during your stay can be enough to make the holiday a nightmare.


At ExpertoItaly, we want to help you choose the right hotel. There is no perfect hotel for everyone. The ideal solution changes according to your needs, your lifestyle, unique from all the others.

Hotels with a View

A hotel is much more than just a place to sleep at night: sometimes it is the destination itself. This is especially true when a hotel offers a panoramic view worthy of a postcard or Instagram-like snapshot.


A breathtaking and intoxicating view is an integral part of all hotels, offering an unforgettable experience. After all, a visual memory leaves a much longer lasting impression than silk sheets or exceptional room service.

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Hotels with Sea View

Summer by the sea in the best hotels with exceptional sea views: when the holidays are trendy and guarantee complete relaxation.


Hotels with a view

Who wouldn't want to spend their holidays, or sleep at least one night, in a quality hotel between pampering and relaxation and, above all, in front of a breathtaking view?

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Hotels with an amazing city view

Our choice of hotels with rooftop terraces where an aperitif is also a feast for the eyes

Beach within reach

Hotels, relais, resorts where you can wake up and dive immediately, all a step away from the most beautiful beaches in Italy: from the Amalfi Coast to the Cilento and then Puglia, Cinque Terre, Calabria, Sicily and much more.


Handpicked accommodation in which you can indulge in the perfect escape in total relaxation, in which you can do what you want when you want, whether you go to the sea or stay in the sun in an elegant beach club, or perhaps treat yourself in a spa first before a sublime dinner.

Eco-hotel ethos, with environmentally friendly elements throughout on an idyllic island near Sicily

FROM £ 930 per person - 7 nights

A large and bright boutique hotel from whose balcony you can enjoy spectacular sunsets over the beautiful sea of ​​Tropea and the nearby Aeolian Islands

FROM £ 960 per person - 7 nights

One of the finest settings on the Cilento coast, enjoy your breakfast with sweeping views of the Tyrrhenian sea.

FROM £ 570 per person - 7 nights

Blue Flag waters in Maratea

A rugged coastline with beaches, caves and hidden coves.


Monopoli – the perfect late summer sun

Figs, perfumes, crystal clear sea and sandy beaches. But also Baroque, itineraries and museums.

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Beach Holiday in Sardinia? Try San Teodoro

35 kilometers of coastline, many of which are covered with sandy strectches and truly unique and breathtaking corners.

Hotels for City Breaks

Always beautiful under the summer sun as in autumn rain, the Italian cities of art are the ideal destination for a weekend, to get lost in the streets and squares, to visit museums and churches, to breathe history: the timeless charm of the “great,” from Rome to Florence, competes with the charm of jewels like Matera or Vicenza in conquering tourists and travelers.

Elegant and unfussy, with a great location in one of Italy’s most understated cities.

FROM £ 525 per person - 3 nights

Corte di Gabriela is a boutique hotel in the true sense of the word: a little gem, inside a Venetian building, in the center of the city yet discrete and quiet

FROM £ 895 per person - 3 nights

Contemporary comforts hidden away in a historic palazzo in Palermo’s atmospheric Ballarò market

FROM £ 450 per person - 3 nights

5 day-trips out of Naples

In addition to offering a lot in terms of art, history, culture, gastronomy and folklore, Naples also has many places to see in the surroundings that can be easily visited in a day. Here are my tips to make the most of the beautiful surroundings of the Neapolitan city.


Kayaking in Venice

Kayak and Venice seems like a particular combination! To discover the lagoon city, there is nothing better than navigating the main canals and streams on board of a kayak.


8 experiences to do to fall madly in love with Palermo

From Moorish architecture to great cathedrals, passing by local markets and extraordinary natural beauty, here are 8 experiences things to do when visiting Palermo.